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en ole salilla kÀynyt yli vuoteen, kun on tÀmÀ spirituaalinen prosessi menossa "/#kiesus#/

Mindfulness is “the intentional, accepting and non-judgemental focus of one’s attention on the emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment”, which can be trained by a large extent in meditational practices. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published the results of a ground-breaking study that found that meditation appears to provide as much relief from some anxiety and depression symptoms as antidepressants.

Mindfulness-based trainings have shown beneficial effects on inflammatory disorders in prior clinical studies and are endorsed by the American Heart Association as a preventative intervention. The training provides a biological mechanism for therapeutic effects.

A study in Psychoneuroendocrinology by researchers in Wisconsin, Spain, and France reported the first evidence of specific molecular changes in the body following a period of intensive mindfulness practice.
Mindfulness Meditation The Most Effective Form

Dr. Madhav Goyal of the John Hopkins School of Medicine, who led the research published in JAMA, singled out mindfulness meditation as the most effective form.

“It doesn’t surprise me at all that mindfulness performs as well as or better than medication,” says Adrian Wells, a professor of psychopathology at Manchester University and a clinical advisor to the charity Anxiety UK. The psychologist Katie Sparks agrees.

“In the group work that I’ve done with sufferers of anxiety or depression, I’ve found it very beneficial because it calms the mind. It’s not a new thing,” she adds.

That’s an understatement: Mindfulness is a meditation technique that has been advocated by Buddhism for 2,500 years. Paul Christelis, the Light Centre’s course leader and a clinical psychologist, defines it as “paying attention to your experience, on purpose, in the present moment, without judgment or criticism.”

Its crossover into Western culture has been gradual. But in 2004, its use in preventing the relapse of depression was approved by the U.K.’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice). It has rapidly gained traction since.

Gene Activity Can Change According To Perception

According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, gene activity can change on a daily basis. If the perception in your mind is reflected in the chemistry of your body, and if your nervous system reads and interprets the environment and then controls the blood’s chemistry, then you can literally change the fate of your cells by altering your thoughts.

In fact, Dr. Lipton’s research illustrates that by changing your perception, your mind can alter the activity of your genes and create over thirty thousand variations of products from each gene. He gives more detail by saying that the gene programs are contained within the nucleus of the cell, and you can rewrite those genetic programs through changing your blood chemistry.

In the simplest terms, this means that we need to change the way we think if we are to heal cancer. “The function of the mind is to create coherence between our beliefs and the reality we experience,” Dr. Lipton said. “What that means is that your mind will adjust the body’s biology and behavior to fit with your beliefs. If you’ve been told you’ll die in six months and your mind believes it, you most likely will die in six months. That’s called the nocebo effect, the result of a negative thought, which is the opposite of the placebo effect, where healing is mediated by a positive thought.”

That dynamic points to a three-party system: there’s the part of you that swears it doesn’t want to die (the conscious mind), trumped by the part that believes you will (the doctor’s prognosis mediated by the subconscious mind), which then throws into gear the chemical reaction (mediated by the brain’s chemistry) to make sure the body conforms to the dominant belief. (Neuroscience has recognized that the subconscious controls 95 percent of our lives.)

Now what about the part that doesn’t want to die–the conscious mind? Isn’t it impacting the body’s chemistry as well? Dr. Lipton said that it comes down to how the subconscious mind, which contains our deepest beliefs, has been programmed. It is these beliefs that ultimately cast the deciding vote.

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nyt alan pestÀ hampaita joka ilta ja saan penikseni taas kiellettyyn kulmaan! "#idea#/

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xxxx is besserwisser
Liikunta ei auta lihavuuteen, vÀittÀvÀt asiantuntijat tieteellisessÀ artikkelissa, joka julkaistiin keskiviikkona tiedelehti British Journal of Sports MedicinessÀ.

BrittilÀisen kardiologin Aseem Malhotran johdolla tehdyssÀ artikkelissa halutaan kumota myytti, jonka mukaan ylipaino johtuisi liikkumattomuudesta.

Tutkijoiden mukaan liikunta alentaa muun muassa sydÀntautien ja dementian riskiÀ, muttei auta painonpudotuksessa.

– Viimeisen 30 vuoden aikana, kun lihavuus on yleistynyt merkittĂ€vĂ€sti, lĂ€nsimaisten ihmisten liikunnan mÀÀrĂ€ssĂ€ on tapahtunut vain pieni muutos. TĂ€mĂ€ (tieto) kohdistaa syytökset leviĂ€vistĂ€ vyötĂ€röistĂ€mme suoraan kuluttamiemme kalorien mÀÀrÀÀn ja laatuun.

Asiantuntijat syyttÀvÀt ruokateollisuutta vÀÀrÀn tiedon levittÀmisestÀ ja lobbaamisesta, "mikÀ maksaa jopa miljoonia ihmishenkiÀ". TÀllaista vÀÀrÀÀ tietoa on tutkijoiden mukaan esimerkiksi mielikuvat liikkumattomuuden ja ylipainon vÀitetystÀ yhteydestÀ.

Asiantuntijat nostavat tikun nokkaan sokerin ja muut hiilihydraatit.

Artikkelissa vÀitetÀÀn, ettÀ painonnousua voi hallita yhdellÀ muutoksella ruokavalioon: hiilihydraattien mÀÀrÀÀ pitÀisi laskea selvÀsti ja korvata ne rasvalla. Suomessa vÀhÀhiilihydraattista ruokavaliota kutsutaan myös karppaamiseksi. Dieetti oli suuressa suosiossa muutama vuosi sitten.

Tiukalla vÀhÀhiilihydraattisella ruokavaliolla elimistö menee ketoositilaan, jolloin elimistö alkaa kÀyttÀÀ enemmÀn rasvaa energia-aineenvaihdunnassa.

Asiantuntijoiden vÀitteet ovat saaneet osakseen kritiikkiÀ Britanniassa. Elintarvikealan etujÀrjestö Food and Drink Federationin tiedotteessa korostetaan, etteivÀt liikunnan hyödyt ole ruokateollisuuden markkinointitemppu tai salaliitto, niin kuin artikkelissa jÀrjestön mukaan vÀitetÀÀn.

Ruokavalioita tutkinut professori Susan Jebb Oxfordin yliopistosta sanoo, ettÀ artikkelin kirjoittajat eivÀt ottaneet merkittÀvÀÀ asiaa huomioon tekstissÀÀn:

– Painonpudotusohjelma, jossa yhdistyvĂ€t ruokavalio ja kuntoilu, ovat menestyksellisimpiĂ€ reittejĂ€ onnistuneeseen painonpudotukseen lyhyellĂ€ ja pidemmĂ€llĂ€ aikavĂ€lillĂ€, Jebb sanoo asiasta uutisoineen The Guardianin mukaan.

The Guardianin juttu Artikkeli British Journal of Sports Medicine -tiedejulkaisussa //pyli)(

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DNA is an extremely long chain of molecules that contains all the information necessary for the life functions of a cell. It helps in carrying information from generations to generations and also helps in the production of proteins that are essential for growth and development of the human body.

The individual molecules that make up DNA are called nucleotides. There are only four nucleotides that are ever used: Adenine, Thymidine, Guanine and Cytosine. These nucleotides are made up of atoms like Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, phosphorous and Oxygen.

The quantum physics have discovered that our universe is made 99.999% energy and 0.0001% matter. It is now proven that even the atoms in our DNA are nothing but energy. Each atom of the DNA is made up of unique energy which codes a specific set of information within it.

It was found that every atom has its own energy signature, and that the molecules collectively radiate that unique energy signature. This energy signature is otherwise known as the “intelligence” that determines the behavior of the DNA in terms of production of proteins by transcription and translation, which in turn determines the physiology of a living cell.

Photons are tiny little particles of light. In physics a photon is a bundle of electromagnetic energy. They carry energy and momentum which are dependent on the frequency. They have both particle nature and a wave nature. Photons, when they behave like particles, interacts with matter.

In some cases the energy of the photon is absorbed by the matter and when the energy from photons is absorbed by matter, the matter can emit electrons. This process is known as the photoelectric effect.

Photons interact with electrons in the matter to excite the electrons to a higher energy level by transferring the energy from photons into the electrons. The energy that the photons carry is not mere energy, it is a set of information that contains all of what it must do during its life time.

This information is known as “intelligence.” Not only is it light that is made up of photons, but all electromagnetic energy is made up of photons. This forms the wave nature of photons. Photons are always in motion and travel at a speed of 2.998 x 108 m/s in vacuum.

We are about to know the marvelous interaction between our DNA and the photons which travels at the speed of light. We have now understood the existence of DNA in terms of energy that contains a set of information and the ability of the photons in transferring energy that contains information to the electrons.

At this point you might be wondering what that miracle would be that happens between the DNA and a particle that travels at the speed of light.

Russian scientist, Dr. Vladimir Poponin, discovered photons scattered and running inside the vacuum when he completely evacuated and created a vacuum inside the container. He then inserted DNA into the container and he then measured the location of Photons. What he found was amazing. This time he saw the photons that were scattered previously in the vacuum had now perfectly arranged in alignment with the DNA that was kept in the vacuum.

This was totally shocking for the researchers. He then removed the DNA from the container and then he tried again to locate the position of photons. This time the results of the experiment were more shocking than the previous one: the photons had aligned in the same positions where the DNA was before and it looked exactly like a DNA made of photons.

This was then known as the “phantom DNA.” Finally it was then established that the physical DNA had an effect on the non-physical photon, and the DNA is communicating with these photons through a new field of energy. This proved the existence of a connection between DNA with the photons (1).

This doesn’t stop here; these photons not only interact with DNA, but also play a master role in determining the health of our body. Amazed? Yes, in another experiment a new shocking truth was leaked that brought a new light to the world of health.

A German biophycist, Dr. Fritz Albert Popp, who did exclusive research in biophysics discovered the presence of bio-photons in tissues. He discovered that the DNA in a living cell stores and releases photons creating “bio-photonic emissions” that hold the key to illness and health.

These bio photons are not mere photons, they play a significant role in the communication within and between cells to determine the health of tissues. The coherent emission of bio-photons is connected to energy and information transfer processes in the biological organisms, and it is also linked to the function of DNA and to gene regulation. And in his research it was found that the healthy cells had more bio-photons, while the cancerous and the diseased cells had a decreased amount of bio-photons (2, 3, 4).

In conclusion the bio photons are the means by which cells in our body communicate. The human DNA is storing and releasing photons (bio-photons) that determine the health of living tissue in the human body. The bio photons carry a set of information known as “intelligence” that gives instructions to the DNA regarding the production of proteins that are vital for our life. The higher number of bio-photons in the cell, the more healthy the cell becomes, and the less amount of bio-photons in the cell the more diseased or cancerous it becomes.

The Light is in truth an electromagnetic energy that is linked to the human consciousness, which is the fundamental source of human life. The most powerful electromagnetic generator in the human body is our heart. Our heart is 5,000 times magnetically more powerful than the brain. At the same time our heart is 100 times electrically more powerful than the brain (5, 6).

In sum, the heart is five times electromagnetically more powerful than the brain, which constantly keeps on generating electromagnetic quantum packets that carry a set of information known as “intelligence” to the whole body, which is immersed in the field of the heart. This field is even detectable three to four feet away from our heart.

By altering the electromagnetic fields of the heart we are able to change the whole electromagnetic field that is immersed in the human body. The human heart in truth is the source of light, and the power of this light determines the health of the human body. The people who generate the most positive emotions are able to create high quality cardiac coherence which, in turn, determines the quality of electromagnetic field generated by the heart. This then determines the bio-photons that are emitted into the electromagnetic field of our body, which determines our health.

At the Institute of HeartMath, scientists started to test the effect of emotions on DNA. In this experiment some human placental DNA were placed in a container from which they could measure the changes in the DNA. Twenty-eight vials of DNA were given (one each) to 28 trained researchers. Each researcher had been trained on how to generate and feel different emotions. The results of the experiment showed that DNA could change its shape according to the different feelings of the researchers.

These outstanding outcomes showed that whenever the researchers felt gratitude, love and appreciation, the DNA responded by relaxing, the strands unwound and the length of the DNA became longer. And when the researchers felt anger, fear, frustration and stress, the DNA responded by tightening up and switching off many DNA codes (7).

Later HeartMath applied practical interventions of generating positive emotions on HIV positive patients and they discovered that the feeling of love, gratitude and appreciation created 3,000,000 times the resistance to HIV than they had without feelings of love, gratitude and appreciation (8).

Truly, by harboring positive emotions in the heart a person is able to generate a highly coherent electromagnetic field that can even change DNA, which can change our health and our lives.

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Dream telepathy suggests that human beings have the ability to communicate telepathically with another person while they are dreaming. This isn’t a new concept, scientific interest in telepathy dates back to the fathers of the psychoanalytic movement. Freud, for example, considered telepathy and the implications of it with regards to psychoanalytic thought. He also considered dream telepathy, or the telepathic influence of thought on dreaming on multiple occasions. Carl Jung believed in the telepathic hypothesis without question, and even developed a theoretical system to explain “paranormal” events of this nature. (2)

All great minds seem to encourage the study of various types of non-physical phenomena.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” – Nikola Tesla
“A wealth of anecdotal and clinical material exist which supports the possibility of telepathic effects occurring in dreams (Krippner, 1974). However, an experimental approach to the topic did not become possible until psycho-physiological laboratory technology became available. It was discovered that sleeping research participants awakened from periods of rapid eye movement (REM) activity were frequently able to recall dream episodes. As a result, it was possible to request a “telepathic receiver” to attempt dreaming about a target stimulus that was being focused on in a distant location from a telepathic sender.” (source)

Experiments and Results
In the mid 1960’s, Montague Ullman, MD, began a number of experiments at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York to test the hypothesis that sleeping people could dream about randomly selected material that they were targeting to dream about. In other words, they could choose what they wanted to dream about, some examples include artwork, movies, photographs and more. Shortly after these experiments began, she was joined by Stanley Krippner. Krippner is a PhD., and professor of psychology at Saybrook University, he has a very impressive background when it comes to the scientific study of dreams, psychology and parapsychology.

The experiments they conducted lasted a span of more than 10 years, and “yielded statistically significant results.”

During the experiments, there was usually a “telepathic sender” and a “telepathic receiver.” They met in the laboratory for a short period of time before being placed in completely separate rooms just before they went to sleep. The “telepathic” sender had an envelope waiting for them in the room in which they’d sleep. The envelope would contain something like a picture or a drawing. The “receivers” were then purposely awakened shortly after Rapid Eye Movement sleep (REM) and the researchers took a dream report.

degasA Very Significant Session
One very memorable and significant session of dream telepathy experimentation took place where the selected art print was “School of Dance” by Degas, which depicted a dance class of several young women. According to Krippner, the “receivers” dream reports included such phrases as “I was in a class made up of maybe half a dozen people, it felt like a school,” and “There was one little girl that was trying to dance with me.” These results are extremely fascinating, the idea that one can influence another’s dream is quite remarkable. Although we might not understand the process behind the transfer of information, and we can’t see this transfer take place from mind to mind, the phenomenon was well documented and real, yet void of any scientific understanding or explanation. This is quite common when we examine scientific studies that have evaluated parapsychological phenomena. It’s real, observed, yet we don’t quite understand ‘how.’

Another significant session conducted by Krippner and Ullman took place on March 15th 1970. In this session, a large group of people at a Holy Modal Rounders rock concert were selected as the “telepathic senders.” A local media artist by the name of Jean Millay took responsibility to ready the “telepathic senders” for “target preparation.” She did this with help from the Lidd Light Company, a group of artists that were responsible for the light show at the concert. Millay gave the audience a brief verbal set of directions before the image was flashed on the large screen that the “telepathic” senders were looking at. Six slide projectors were used to project a color film about eagles and their nesting habits as well as information about various birds from around the world, including information about the mythological Phoenix. This all happened at the same time Holy Modal Rounders were playing their song, “If you want to be a bird.”

There were five volunteer “telepathic receivers” for this experiment, and they were all located within a one hundred mile radius from the “telepathic senders.” All of the receivers were aware of the concert location and were told to record their images at midnight because that was when the material to be sent by the senders would be exposed to them.

“One “telepathic receiver,” Helen Andrews, had the impression of “something mythological, like a griffin or a phoenix.” The second, third and fourth research participants reported images of “a snake,” “grapes,” and “an embryo in flames.” The fifth participant was Richie Havens, the celebrated American singer and recording artist, who reported closing his eyes at midnight and visualizing “a number of seagulls flying over water.” Both Mr. Havens and Ms. Andrews reports represented direct correspondences with the target material.”(source)

More remarkable results were seen when the rock group “Grateful Dead” also volunteered to participate in a dream telepathy session over a span of six nights. You can read more about that (and other results) here. These results were actually published by the American Psychological Association (1)

These are usually the instructions given to the subjects that participate in these experiments.

1. You are about to participate in an ESP experiment.

2. In a few seconds you will see a picture.

3. Try using your ESP to “send” this picture to the receiver.

4. The receiver will try to dream about this picture. Try to “Send” it to them.

5. Then, receivers will be made aware of the senders location

Possible Explanations?
Quantum physics has shed light on the vast interconnectedness of everything in the universe. One possible explanation is quantum entanglement. For example, two electrons that are created together, if you send one to the other side of the universe, the other will respond instantly, distance doesn’t matter. This is one way of interpreting how everything is really connected in some way. Einstein called it “spooky actions at a distance.” For a great visual demonstration of this, click here.
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Dry skin brushing is a beauty and health practice that is quickly growing in popularity. As a simple way to support good health, it is best done with a brush made from natural materials.

While dry skin brushing won’t be the magic bullet for any ailment or health worry, it can be a great way to support skin health, circulation, and relaxation.

The Six Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing
A list of all the advantages this practice offers to health conscious individuals would be beyond the scope of a single article. Out of all the benefits of dry skin brushing, six benefits really stand out:

1. Reduces Cellulite
The first major benefit that many proponents of skin brushing claim is that it eliminates–or drastically reduces–the appearance of cellulite. This is an important element of detoxifying the body. Cellulite is actually composed of toxic fat buildup that results in the wrinkling of the skin. Brushing dry skin is believed to tighten the epidermis and contribute to the breakup of this toxic material. This is much more economical and convenient than liposuction therapy. The detoxification process can be further enhanced by taking colon cleansing, liver cleansing, and chemical and heavy metal cleansing supplements and exercising regularly.

2. Exfoliates
Another benefit one can expect is the removal of dead skin cells. Advantages that this brings extend beyond the obvious one of removing dry, dead skin that looks dull. When dead cells are exfoliated, new cells form more quickly. Skin not only looks healthier, it actually becomes healthier as dead skin is removed from clogged pores.

3. Promotes Circulation
Blood flow increases to the skin following dry brushing, and the normal process of releasing toxins through perspiration is improved. Proper exercise, spicy foods, and breathing techniques also help promote normal circulation.

4. Supports Muscle Tone
Another advantage offered by skin brushing is the stimulation of the nervous system. Stimulated nerves activate muscle fibers and improve muscle tone. This is particularly beneficial to people who have lost weight and are looking to tighten up sagging skin.

5. Immune System Health
One of the most important benefits of skin brushing is the supposed effect it has on the lymphatic system. This is of profound significance to the immune system. White blood cells, or lymphocytes, are actually named after this major body system. Lymph circulates to our cells through channels independent of our circulatory system. However, after it has done its work, it returns to the bloodstream through valves leading into the heart. Here, the white blood cells can fight the toxic agents that threaten our health. Massaging the skin with a brush, combined with exercise, speeds up the flow of lymph and directly contributes to a stronger immune system and healthier body. [1]

6. Skin Appearance
A huge benefit of skin brushing is a drastic improvement in the appearance of the skin itself! Eliminating dead skin and unclogging pores results in a very noticeable improvement. For people who exercise or sit in Far Infrared Saunas, this is an excellent follow up to detoxification by sweating. The appearance of the skin also improves as new cells form more quickly, and the skin takes on a smooth luster that is noticeably brighter than the dull appearance of old, dry, and often wrinkled skin.

How to Perform Dry Brushing
Dry skin brushing is easy to administer yourself and helps rejuvenate a number of key body systems. To perform skin brushing, clean your body by taking a shower or bath. Then, making sure your skin is completely dry, gently move the bristles of a natural loofah sponge or boar bristle brush along your skin, using strokes that begin at the heart and slowly move outwards.

Skin brushing is a natural technique that only requires a minute of your time, so why not try it out and see what it does for you? If you’ve tried it, leave a comment below and share your experience!

-Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM

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Hubble-avaruusteleskooppi laukaistiin avaruuteen pÀivÀlleen 25 vuotta sitten, 24. huhtikuuta 1990. Kuluneiden vuosien aikana Hubblen upeat kuvat ovat tuoneet avaruuden monille ihmisille suorastaan kÀsin kosketeltavaksi. Uutteran työjuhdan työpanosta kiittelevÀt kuitenkin myös tutkijat -- Hubblen ansiosta on saatu mitattua mm. universumin laajenemisnopeus sekÀ todettua, ettÀ supermassiiviset mustat aukot ovat yleisiÀ galaksien ytimissÀ.

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KansainvÀlisen tutkijaryhmÀn ulostulo ylipainoon liittyvÀstÀ harhaluulosta herÀttÀÀ keskustelua Britanniassa. Kolmen tutkijan ryhmÀ kirjoittaa British Journal of Sports Medicine -julkaisussa, ettÀ liikunnan harrastamisella ei ole juurikaan tekemistÀ painonhallinnan kanssa.
Tutkijat myöntÀvÀt artikkelissaan, ettÀ sÀÀnnöllinen liikunta vÀhentÀÀ riskiÀ sairastua sydÀntauteihin, diabetekseen, dementiaan ja joihinkin syöpiin, mutta laihduttamaan se ei auta.

Yksi artikkelin kirjoittajista on tohtori Aseem Malhotra, joka tunnetaan ruokateollisuuteen kohdistuvasta kritiikistÀÀn. TÀtÀ kritiikkiÀ jatketaan tuoreessa artikkelissa.

- Kansalaiset hukutetaan hyödyttömÀÀn viestiin siitÀ, ettÀ terveelliseen painoon pÀÀsee kaloreita laskemalla, ja monet yhÀ uskovat, ettÀ ylipaino johtuu tÀysin liikunnan puutteesta, tutkijat kirjoittavat.

- TÀmÀ vÀÀrÀ mielikuva on syvÀÀn juurtunut ruokateollisuuden viestintÀkoneistoon, joka kÀyttÀÀ hyytÀvÀn samankaltaista taktiikkaa kuin suurissa tupakkayhtiöissÀ. Tupakkateollisuus onnistui viivyttÀmÀÀn valtion vÀliintuloa 50 vuoden ajan siitÀ, kun havainnot tupakoinnin ja keuhkosyövÀn yhteydestÀ julkistettiin, artikkelissa sanotaan.

Ruokateollisuuden vÀlittÀmistÀ harhakuvista esimerkiksi otetaan Coca-Cola, joka tutkijoiden mukaan pyrkii mainonnassaan painottamaan kalorien laskemista ja antamaan mielikuvan, ettÀ sokerista juomaa voi nauttia, kunhan harrastaa liikuntaa. Tutkijat myös vÀittÀvÀt, ettÀ 40 prosentilla normaalipainoisista ihmisistÀ on metabolisia oireita, jotka yleensÀ liitetÀÀn ylipainoon.

Tutkijoiden mielestÀ "manipuloiva markkinointi" sabotoi sokeriveroa ja muita viranomaistoimia, joilla ylipaino-ongelma saataisiin kuriin.

LisÀksi artikkelissa suositaan rasvapainotteista ruokavaliota liikuntaa harrastaville. Yksi artikkelin kirjoittajista onkin etelÀafrikkalainen liikuntatieteiden professori Tim Noakes, joka on useissa kirjoissaan kannattanut rasvapainotteista, vÀhÀhiilihydraattista ruokavaliota.

Independent-lehden mukaan monet muut alan tutkijat ovat jo ehtineet kritisoida tuoretta artikkelia. Esimerkiksi Oxfordin yliopiston professori Susan Jebb kommentoi kirjoittajien sivuuttavan sen, ettÀ liikunnan ja ruokavalion yhdistÀvÀt painonpudotusohjelmat ovat osoittautuneet parhaaksi keinoksi sekÀ lyhyellÀ ettÀ keskipitkÀllÀ aikavÀlillÀ.
//#pu"" //pyli)(

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"The Pyramid of Atlantis etherically houses the 12 Master Crystal Temples from Atlantis, which opens the dimensional portals to all dimensions of Light, to all Golden Ages of Light, and with this, allows the Crystalline Consciousness emanating from these Master Crystals to activate at a cellular level, and through the chakras, taking you beyond the illusion of realities in time on this Earth plane. To the knowing sweet ones, that you are supreme creator in form within the quantum crystalline field of One Unity Consciousness. To heal what needs to be healed, and to truly experience and know yourselves in your full magnificence and Light through the celebration of the Divinity of every thought, feeling and action".

Join Anrita and the Elders as we travel in Soul consciousness into the Golden Pyramid of Atlantis, and from here, enter into each of the 12 Master Crystal Temples of Atlantis Overlighted by the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light and with Thoth as our Master Guide. We experience a deeper integration and activation of these twelve Master Crystals, as they activate through the 12 primary chakras within our bodies, and additionally draw up all the gifts, sacred geometries and healing energies of the Atlantean Light Grid Crystalline frequencies through affirmations, invocations and the Christed Timelines.

From here, we enter into the Halls of Amenti and experience the personal living library of our Golden Age lifetimes and service work in Atlantis.

These Twelve Master Crystal Temples of Atlantis are:

The Diamond Crystal Temple of Multidimensional Interface
The Ruby Fire Crystal Temple of Energy
The Rose Crystal Temple of Creative Energy
The Sacred Crystal Temple of Thoth
The Emerald Crystal Temple of Healing
The Gold Crystal of Healing Regeneration
The Violet Crystal Temple of Sound
The Blue Crystal of Knowledge
The Platinum Crystal Temple of Communication
The Silver Crystal Temple of Divine Love
The Golden-White Crystal Temple of Unity Consciousness
The Sun-Moon Crystal Temple of Light

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Iso maanjÀristys on romahduttanut rakennuksia Kathmandussa Nepalissa. Kuolonuhreista ei ole tietoa.

MaanjÀristyksen vahvuudesta on ollut kahta eri tietoa liikkeellÀ. Alkuun sen kerrottiin olevan 7,7 magnitudin vahvuinen ja myöhemmin lukema laskeutui 7,5 magnitudiin.

JÀristyksen keskus oli 31 kilometrin syvyydessÀ 80 kilometrin pÀÀssÀ Pokharan kaupungista. Uutistoimisto Reutersin tietojen mukaan jÀristys tuntui Pohjois-Intian DelhissÀ asti.

Kathmandu on vuoristoisen Nepalin pÀÀkaupunki ja siellÀ asuu noin miljoona ihmistÀ. Kaupunki sijaitsee Kathmandun laakson pohjoisosassa noin 1 300 metrin korkeudessa.

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Re: Vesimiehen aika

Post#51 » 25 Apr 2015 10:53

PÀivÀn Sana 25. huhtikuuta 2015
SillÀ katso, pimeys peittÀÀ maan ja synkeys kansat, mutta sinun ylitsesi koittaa Herra, ja sinun yllÀsi nÀkyy hÀnen kunniansa.
Jes. 60:2 KR33/38

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Re: Vesimiehen aika

Post#53 » 25 Apr 2015 15:37

hello nice to meet you. how are you.

i`m single with no kids. i have completed nursing training school. i live with my mother. i have lost my father about 6years ago. i`m looking to meet honest, understanding man to live with and spend the rest of my life with him. i`m sexy, attractive, caring, honest and understanding. i`m looking forward to hear about you too. i will send you my pictures soon.
muutama sekunti sitten vittu kun naiset ei jÀtÀ minua rauhaan

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Re: Vesimiehen aika

Post#54 » 25 Apr 2015 15:44

Mihin Janakkalan miekkamies on kuulunut, kenen valtaa hÀn on yllÀpitÀnyt, kuka piti valtaa HÀmeessÀ, millainen yhteisö seudulla asui? NÀitÀ pohtii nykyÀÀn Museoviraston kenttÀosaston tutkija Simo Vanhatalo. HÀn on yhÀ hÀmmentynyt valtavasta ulkomaisesta kiinnostuksesta. HÀmeenlinnan seudulla on tÀytynyt olla enemmÀn asutusta kuin on ajateltu, mikÀ mullistaa vanhan historiankirjoituksen.Vanhatalon mukaan miekkamiehen tiedot liittyvÀt vÀhitellen historiallisiin tapahtumiin ja yhteyksiin. Onko tÀÀllÀ ollut sotilasjÀrjestelmÀ: jos on ollut sotilas, niin on tÀytynyt olla ihmisiÀkin?

– Asukkaita on tĂ€ytynyt olla HĂ€meessĂ€ enemmĂ€n kuin on aikaisemmin luultu. Mietin paljon tĂ€tĂ€ HĂ€mettĂ€ ja HĂ€meenlinnan seutua, ettĂ€ kartat menevĂ€t uusiksi: kalmistolöytöjĂ€kin on jo niin paljon. Jos tĂ€nne on tullut vieraan vallan henkilöitĂ€, siihen on ollut syy. On kiinnostavaa tutkia, onko miekkamies ollut samaa vĂ€estöÀ kuin muut ja siihen tarvitsemme eri DNA:ta. JĂ€nniĂ€ tuloksia on tulossa, Vanhatalo sanoo.

Janakkalan seudulta on paljon löytöjÀ, joissa on VenÀjÀltÀ perÀisin oleva linturiipus. Vanhatalon mukaan Suomessa on aina tapeltu, vaikutteita on tullut idÀstÀ ja lÀnnestÀ, molemmilta suunnilta. Janakkalan miekkamieheksi kutsuttu löytö ja muut runsaat rautakauden hautalöydöt ovat nostaneet uuden kiinnostuksen Suomen 1000-luvun alun historiaan.

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Re: Vesimiehen aika

Post#55 » 25 Apr 2015 15:56

NÀyttelijÀsuuruus Tarmo Manni osasi myös siviilielÀmÀssÀ viihdyttÀÀ.
Tuli seuraava juttu mieleeni tuosta edellisestÀ pÀivityksestÀni, jossa kerroin saaneeni eilen viranomaisilta puhtaat paperit.
Joskus 80-luvun alussa puuhattiin pienellÀ kirjoittajaporukalla Mannista kirjaa, jonka työn lopulta hoiti yksinÀÀn Heikki EtelÀpÀÀ. Mannin mÀÀrÀtyt piirteet olivat mm. minulle hieman liikaa ja jÀttÀydyin sivuun, idiootti kun olen.
No, se juttu.
Manni kertoi joutuneensa Lapinlahden latamoon saatuaan jonkun hulluuskohtauksen. Hoito puri hyvin ja Manni kutsuttiin ylilÀÀkÀrin huoneeseen parin kuukauden hoitojakson jÀlkeen.
- Kuulkaas Manni, te olette tervehtyneet tÀysin ja voimme kotiuttaa teidÀt.
- Saisinko tuon kirjallisesti, Manni pyysi.
YlilÀÀkÀri kirjoitti "Terveen paperit"-otsikolla todistuksen, ettÀ nÀyttelijÀ Tarmo Manni on henkisesti terve yksilö.
Lapinlahdesta Manni marssi suoraan työpaikkansa Kansallisteatterin henkilökunnan kahvilaan. Ovella hÀn kuulutti isoon ÀÀneen:
- Minulla on tÀssÀ leimojen kera ylilÀÀkÀri-psykiatrin todistus, ettÀ olen tÀysin henkisesti kunnossa. Terveen paperit. TÀssÀ nÀin. (Heiluttaa todistusta ilmassa) Niin muuten, kenellÀ teistÀ on samanlaiset? "/#kiesus#/

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Re: Vesimiehen aika

Post#56 » 25 Apr 2015 20:11

1. Avoid all things fluoride:

Fluoride is in so many things – it’s purposefully made to be hard to avoid. Get a reverse osmosis water system if you can. Drinking with tap water and cooking with it heavily calcify our pineal glands. Get fluoride-less toothpaste, and stay away from any sodas and artificial food.

2. Pineal gland detoxifying foods:

Garlic, ginger, cilantro, hemp seeds, coconut oil, kale or any dark leaf similar. static1.squarespace Also raw cacao is incredible for this. Bentonite clay, colloidal sliver, noni juice and so much more! There are many different lists on the internet to check out.

3. Essentials oils:

Bergamot, Lavender, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Pachouli, Spearmint, tea tree oil, eucalyptus, rose water, sage and soo much more! Essential oils stimulate parts of our brain and can help activate our pineal glands.

4. Citric acid:

Putting lemon in water and drinking it every day, not only helps decalcify our pineal glands but it’s incredibly healthy in all aspects. It clears your skin and helps balance your PH levels and can take years off your face!

5. Garlic:

pineal-glandGarlic alone fights so many infections. It is a natural anti inflammatory, immune system booster and helps flush out the toxins in our body. The intense infusing flavors are so strong, it helps take the calcium off our pineal glands!

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Re: Vesimiehen aika

Post#57 » 26 Apr 2015 05:23

Sometimes people need to spend time alone in order to recharge – these people are often named introverts. Others can’t stand spending time alone and need the presence of other people in order to determine their self-worth and feel comforted. Either way, it’s completely fine but taking time out every so often to truly spend time alone can benefit everybody, no matter where you lie on the introvert/extrovert spectrum.Connecting with other people is a huge part of our existence and whether some of us like to admit it or not, we wouldn’t be very stable human beings if we didn’t have some regular human interaction. Similarly, time spent truly alone, away from other people can be extremely refreshing and can help you discover things about yourself that you may not have realized before. Choosing to spend a few days (or weeks) to be alone and distance yourself from those who usually surround you will give you time to reflect on the things that make you happy, and the things that don’t. It will allow you to reorganize your priorities without other people stepping in and swaying your thoughts... ...

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Re: Vesimiehen aika

Post#58 » 27 Apr 2015 10:39 Tervetuloa virtuaalimatkalle asuntooni. LÀhden tÀstÀ HÀmeenlinnaan ja vietÀn Vapun siellÀ ja sen jÀlkeen ehkÀ mökille

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Re: Vesimiehen aika

Post#59 » 02 May 2015 18:37 ... 9_ur.shtml
Aimo Mattila nÀyttÀÀ miten lesti lentÀÀ. (PIPSA PALANDER)

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Re: Vesimiehen aika

Post#60 » 13 May 2015 08:35

14.5 Helatorstai. TĂ€ytyykin wikipediasta katsoa miksi tĂ€mmöistĂ€ pyhĂ€pĂ€ivÀÀ vietetÀÀn: Helatorstai on vuotuinen kristillinen juhla, jota vietetÀÀn neljĂ€ntenĂ€kymmenentenĂ€ pĂ€ivĂ€nĂ€ pÀÀsiĂ€isestĂ€ Jeesuksen taivaaseenastumisen muistoksi. Taivaaseenastumisesta kerrotaan Apostolien tekojen ensimmĂ€isessĂ€ luvussa sekĂ€ lyhyesti myös Markuksen ja Luukkaan evankeliumien lopussa. Useimmissa Euroopan maissa, mukaanlukien Suomessa, pĂ€ivĂ€ on virallinen pyhĂ€pĂ€ivĂ€. Koska pÀÀsiĂ€isen ajankohta liikkuu, myös helatorstain pĂ€ivĂ€mÀÀrĂ€ vaihtelee. Se on useimmiten toukokuussa, harvoin kesĂ€kuun alussa. Koska pÀÀsiĂ€inen on aina sunnuntaina, neljĂ€skymmenes pĂ€ivĂ€ siitĂ€ on aina torstai. Vuonna 2011 helatorstai oli vasta 2. kesĂ€kuuta, kun vuonna 2012 se oli 17. toukokuuta.Useimmissa kielissĂ€ pĂ€ivĂ€n nimi viittaa suoraan juhlan aiheeseen, Kristuksen taivaaseenastumiseen. Suomen kielessĂ€ sillĂ€ on kuitenkin perinteinen, alkujaan ruotsista lainattu nimi, jonka alkuosa hela viittaa ruotsin kielen pyhÀÀ tarkoittavaan sanaan helg. Sana helatorstai on saatu muinaisruotsin sanasta helghathorsdagh, joka merkitsee pyhÀÀ torstaita. Suomessa helatorstai oli vielĂ€ 1800-luvulla yksi tĂ€rkeimmistĂ€ juhlapĂ€ivistĂ€. Vanhassa maatalouskulttuurissa edeltĂ€vĂ€n sunnuntain, rukoussunnuntain, ja helatorstain vĂ€lisinĂ€ pĂ€ivinĂ€, kanttaanpyhinĂ€, kuljettiin kulkueina pelloilla rukoilemassa hyvÀÀ satoa. Vanhan kansansanonnan mukaan pĂ€ivĂ€ oli niin pyhĂ€, ettei silloin ruohokaan kasva. Pakanuuden ajalta periytyvĂ€ hela oli kevÀÀn juhla, joka ajoittuu kylvökauden alkuun ja sitĂ€ vietettiin, jotta jumalat olisivat suosiollisia ja antaisivat hyvĂ€n sadon. HĂ€meessĂ€, Satakunnassa ja Uudellamaalla sytytettiin entisaikaan helatorstain aattona aukeille paikoille kokkoja eli helavalkeita. Karja ajettiin tulien lĂ€pi laitumelle karjatautien ehkĂ€isemiseksi. Myös nuoriso juhli helajuhlassa; simaa juotiin, naiset kĂ€vivĂ€t lemmensaunassa ja tekivĂ€t lemmentaikoja. Nuoret myös tanssivat kokoilla. Suomessa helatorstai oli vuosina 1973–1991 siirrettynĂ€ edellisen viikon lauantaihin. Silloin sen nimenĂ€ oli suomeksikin Kristuksen taivaaseenastumisen pĂ€ivĂ€. Helatorstai on julkinen vapaapĂ€ivĂ€ Belgiassa, Haitissa, Hollannissa, Indonesiassa, Islannissa, ItĂ€vallassa, Kolumbiassa, LiechensteinissĂ€, Luxemburgissa, Madagasgarilla, Namibiassa, Norjassa, Ranskassa, Ruotsissa, Saksassa, Suomessa, SveitsissĂ€, Tanskassa ja Vanuatulla.

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